Waste/Resource Society


*** The Halifax Waste-Resource Society AGM is being held May 17, 2018 at 6:30 PM at the Links of Brunello Clubhouse boardroom. You can download the agenda here.” ***

The Halifax Waste/Resource Society was established in 1999 to represent the interests of residents with respect to the Otter Lake Landfill. The Society is registered under the Nova Scotia Society’s Act. An agreement between the Society and Halifax Regional Municipality established the Otter Lake Community Monitoring Committee.

There are 9 Directors of the Society, elected by its members at the Annual General Meeting. Each of the 9 Directors also sits on the Community Monitoring Committee. These are the Directors:

Volunteer Directors of Halifax Waste-Resource Society

John Cascadden (Chair of CMC)

Scott Guthrie (Vice-Chair of CMC)

Bob Angus

Frank Johnston

Peter Lund

Andrew Giles

Murray Power

Tom Robertson


Some important documents:

Annual General Meetings

2018 – Agenda

2017 – Agenda

2016 – Agenda, Minutes

2015 – Minutes